Barn på cykel vid vägkorsning

FFI safe automated driving

This programme aims to find concrete innovative solutions that make road safety a driving force for automation. The mission is to improve road safety and make transport more sustainable through safe connected automated vehicles prepared for sharing.

Focus areas

  • Safe automated vehicles: Vehicle perception, situation awareness, planering, control and associated driving decisions in varying traffic environments and weather conditions. Or verification and development techniques for efficient development and deployment of automated functionality
  • Safety for road users inside and outside the vehicle: This area includes safety and security aspects related to co-location, new seating positions, human-system interaction and methods and tools for human representation and driver behaviour.
  • Integration of vehicles and infrastructure for safe transport solutions: Fast, reliable and accessible high-capacity communication between vehicles and with infrastructure, road users and transport systems. Or vehicle location systems.  
  • Enabling methods and technologies with clear application for the development and deployment of safe automation: Methods and technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital connectivity, cloud solutions, data collection and analysis, electronics and software systems with high computational capacity for safe automated driving. Or contributing to policy and regulatory development. 

Calls for proposals



Chairman: Roger Malkusson

Program manager: Ulrika Landelius, Trafikverket

Deputy Program manager: Eric Wallgren, Vinnova


Mats Rosenqvist, AB Volvo

Ulrik Janusson, Scania

Åsa Haglund, Volvo Cars

Fredrik Sidahl, FKG

Charlotte Lejon, Energimyndigheten

Rikard Fredriksson, Trafikverket

Frederic Pillot, Vinnova

Hanna Bernemyr, Mobility Sweden (adjungerad)