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Zero emissions

Här är iThe mission of the programme is to reduce the negative impact of the automotive sector on climate and the environment by developing and integrating zero emission vehicles with their charging and refuelling infrastructure and with its users. ngressen

Focus areas

  • Efficiency across the value chain from a sustainability perspective, e.g. for components and systems, where sustainability refers to climate, environment, health and cost, and has a broader perspective on emissions.
  • Cost reduction balanced with climate benefits enabling implementation.
  • Optimised societal benefits by focusing at societal needs, such as adapting vehicles to behaviour and type of use (rural, urban, shared mobility etc).
  • Hardware and software optimisation and electrical architecture in vehicles and charging and refuelling infrastructure, and the impact thereof
  • Safety, both in terms of in-vehicle technology solutions and charging and refuelling infrastructure.
  • New, relatively unexplored areas, where vehicles are used, for example, for energy storage/flexibility resource.
  • Power electronics and optimised energy efficiency of the vehicle in the user phase

Call for proposals



Chairman Ulla-Britt Fräjdin-Hellqvist

Program manager: Adam Mickiewicz, Energimyndigheten



Anders Källström, AB Volvo

Fernanda Marzano, Scania

Maria Bernander, Volvo Cars

Fredrik Sidahl, FKG

Anders Lewald, Energimyndigheten

Helene Lindblom, Trafikverket

Malin Eklund, Vinnova

Mobility Sweden (adjungerad), Hanna Bernemyr